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EMC Insurance – Artificial Intelligence for Reducing Traffic Accidents (Canada)

Last update: 3 June 2021

Key facts

In an effort to deliver effective and innovative loss control solutions to commercial auto insurance customers, American ICMIF member EMC Insurance Companies (EMC) has collaborated with Mobileye, a subsidiary of Intel Corporation, to offer collision avoidance systems with preferred pricing for policyholders.


The Mobileye 8 Connect technology uses real-time and a forward-facing camera and artificial intelligence (AI) to detect collision risks and alert drivers in real time with audio and/or visual warnings, so they can take action to prevent or mitigate the predicted collision.

And now, EMC offers this industry-leading Mobileye technology at preferred pricing to policyholders who purchase 20 or more Mobileye systems at once. The systems can be retrofitted to almost any fleet vehicle. More than 70 million vehicles are already equipped with Mobileye technology around the world. With the majority of accidents caused by just a few seconds or less of inattention, these warnings can help avoid accidents and save lives.

“Mobileye technology is designed to specifically help prevent or mitigate a variety of auto accidents,” said Chad Veach, EMC Assistant VP – Risk Improvement Innovation. “If an EMC policyholder avoids just one collision deductible during the business life of the vehicle, they will cover the cost of the system.”

Mechanisms: Modelling & Data
Hazards: Road Traffic Accident

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