Achmea can now deal with increasing storm damage claims faster with a new national roof tile network

27 May 2021

Worker walking on a damaged roof

In the event of a severe storm or hailstorm, Achmea can receive up to 10,000 additional damage reports from policyholders, almost half of which concerns damage to roofs. Because Achmea believes the number of storms and hailstorms will increase due to climate change, the cooperative insurer was the first in the Netherlands to set up a roof tiler network. This network ensures that after extreme weather there is extra capacity in terms of roofing tradespeople available to repair damage such as missing roof tiles more quickly.

Achmea has seen the risks of climate change increasing in recent years. Particularly in the summer, the number of more extreme weather events involving thunderstorms, hail, extreme rain and heavy gusts of wind follow each other faster and faster. Achmea’s subsidiary Interpolis calculated last year that the number of storm damage and reports of flooding had doubled between 2017 and 2019. In the future, Achmea believes climate change could lead to a higher frequency of these types of calamities and to heavier thunderstorms with extreme rain, strong gusts of wind and hail. An analysis of thousands of damage reports after recent storms and hailstorms shows that almost half concern the roof.

All roofers of Dakbehoud Nederland (Roof preservation in the Netherlands) are connected to the new national network. After a storm, they repair all damage to roofs and roof tiles and thus relieve contractors and construction companies from other networks who, at such times, have their hands full repairing other damage to homes, such as leaks, fences, garden sheds and windows.

The roofers have a mandate for private customers and companies which insured with Centraal Beheer, Interpolis, FBTO and Avéro Achmea to repair damage immediately. With high claim amounts, contact is first sought with a loss adjuster.

“Almost half of the damage after extreme weather is on the roof. With these specialised companies we can now deploy extra capacity for this,” says Erik Welling, Senior Purchaser at Achmea. “Replacing roof tiles is more complex than you think, because there are many different considerations and repairs must be done safely and in accordance with legal regulations. Thanks to the new network, we can repair these types of damage much faster for our customers. This also prevents consequential damage, such as water damage,” he concluded.

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