San Cristóbal is in first place in the Argentine Top 5 for mobile services for policyholders

15 September 2020


According to the latest report on the top mobile services provided by insurance companies in Argentina by local benchmarking company TBI Unit, ICMIF members San Cristóbal and Sancor Seguros hold the top two positions in the country for the progress made in offering mobile and digital insurance services to customers. This is the first time that San Cristóbal occupies the top ranked position.

TBI released its latest report focusing on mobile services provided by insurers during 2020 in the Argentine market. The research reveals that most companies offer their services to existing and new policyholders via an App and/or they have websites that adapt to mobile devices.

This year, the research by TBI Unit shows that 87% of companies offer their services via an App, 73% from a website that adapts to suit mobile phone displays and WhatsApp is emerging as a new option for policyholders to interact with their insurance provider.

TBI Unit found that the insurance industry has shown a certain lag in terms of technological implementation over time but that in 2020 the Argentinian insurance sector has seen a big shift towards services being provided digitally and in particular via apps on mobile phones. The Covid-19 emergency will have, in part at least, driven this increase and will continue to fuel the drive towards new services such as messaging and contact with insurers via platforms like WhatsApp to provide customers with even more options for contacting their insurance provider.

In addition, TBI Unit says that the convergence towards the mobile phone has accelerated in the country because of its ease of use and transfer of information, added to the pressure exerted by the generations who were born with a familiarity with these devices. For this reason, Argentina is prone to the use of new technologies compared to other countries in the region, being a historical Early Adopter. The latest data shows that 83% of the population over the age of four uses mobile devices and that 63% of the population has access to the internet.

The ranking of the top 5 insurance companies in terms of offering mobile services

According to TBI Unit, there are five Argentinean insurance companies that stand out for their progress in their mobile phone service and digital offering. ICMIF member San Cristóbal is first in the ranking, followed by another member Sancor Seguros in second place. The high score that San Cristóbal and Sancor each received meant they earned the ranking of outstanding companies.

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