UnipolSai and Linear collaborate with Pedius app to provide inclusive roadside assistance service

14 February 2022

Woman needs help with her broken car and is calling on mobile phone to tow truck service.

Italian ICMIF member UnipolSai Assicurazioni and Linear (an online insurance company within the Unipol Group) have started to offer the roadside assistance service within Pedius, an app that integrates very useful functions for deaf people and all those who find themselves unable, even temporarily, to communicate by voice.

By accessing the Pedius app, the user is supported through an easy predefined route to receive roadside assistance, report a breakdown or request the recovery of their vehicle by indicating its correct location. Thanks to Pedius’ voice recognition technology, the user can read the answers provided by the call centre in real time.

Through the Pedius app, users can initiate a normal phone call, in this case to the UnipolSai and/or Linear assistance call centre, simply by using the icon of their insurance company on the app.

During the call, instead of speaking, the customer types in a normal chat and an artificial voice pronounces the messages to the person on the other end of the phone. In real time, the voice response of the person at the assistance call centre is transformed into text and sent to the client, who will then continue to read the answers on the display of their phone.

Pedius transforms any typed text into voice. It is a communication system that breaks down digital barriers through the use of speech recognition and synthesis technologies.

Thanks to Pedius, any user can make voice calls for any need and independently, using emergency services such as utility calls.

Today Pedius has 40,000 users and is available in 15 countries (Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Canada, United States, Brazil, Peru, New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong).

UnipolSai and Linear’s partnership with Pedius helps to put into practice one of the principles on which Unipol’s actions are based, as set out in the Group’s Charter of Values, that of accessibility. With this aim in mind, Unipol, thanks to its social sense of social responsibility, is committed to offering services which are accessible to all and putting in place effective solutions to meet the different needs of customers.

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